May 26-28, 2017
Chengdu, China
Apr. 24, 2017

Prof. Zhining Jia, Chengde Petroleum College,China

Research Area:
Tribilogical properties of polymer-based composite and metal matrix
Instrument & Meter Technology: Design and Realization

Academic paper:
Z. N. Jia, Y. L. Yang, J. J. Chen, et al. Influence of Serpentine Content on Tribological Behaviors of PTFE/serpentine Composite under Dry Sliding Condition. Wear, 2010, 268(7): 996-1001.
Z. N. Jia, Y. L. Yang. Self-lubricating Properties of PTFE/serpentine Nanocomposite against Steel at Different Loads and Sliding Velocities. Composites Part B: Engineering, 2012, 43(4): 2072-2078.
Z. N. Jia, C. Z. Hao, Y. L. Yang Tribological Performance of Hybrid PTFE/serpentine Composites Reinforced with Nanoparticles. Tribology-Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces, 2014, 8(3): 139-145.
Z. N. Jia, C. Z. Hao, Y. H. Yan, Y. L. Yang.Effects of Nanoscale Expanded Graphite on the Wear and Frictional Behaviors of Polyimide-based Composites. Wear, 2015, 338-339: 282-287.
Z. N. Jia, Y. N. Gao.Process and Property of Hot-rolled Stainless steel/carbon steel Cladding Bar. Functional Materials, 2016, 23(2): 243-248.
Z. N. Jia, Y. H. Yan, Y. L. Yang, X. M. Song. Friction and Wear Behaviors of Hhybrid PI/PTFE Nanocomposites Enhanced with Nanoparticles. Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, 2016, 22(2A): 1739–1748.
Z. N. Jia, Y. H. Yan, X. C. Chen, G. M. Han. Tribological Behaviors of PTFE Composites filled with Surface-Modified Nano-Serpentine under Natural Seawater Lubrication. International Journal of Simulation: System, Science & Technology, 2016, 17(31): 36.1-36.9.
Y. L. Yang, Z. N. Jia, J. J. Chen, et al. Tribological Behaviors of PTFE-Based Composites Filled With Nanoscale Lamellar Structure Expanded Graphite. ASME Journal of Tribology, 2010, 132(3): 031301.
X. W. Qi, Z. N. Jia, Q. X Yang, et al. Effects of Vanadium Additive on Structure Property and Tribological Performance of High Chromium Cast Iron Hardfacing Metal. Surface and Coatings Technology, 2011, 205(23): 5510-5514.
X. W. Qi, Z. N. Jia, H. M. Chen, et al. Self-Repairing Characteristics of Serpentine Mineral Powder as an Additive on Steel–Chromium Plating Pair under High Temperature. Tribology Transactions, 2013, 56(3): 516-520.
X. W. Qi, Z. N. Jia, Y. L. Yang. Influence of the Dispersion of Nano titanium Dioxide on the Tribological Performance of Fabric Self-lubricating Liner. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013, 130(3): 2100-2105.

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